Looking for friends
As a life long book lover, I am just now getting into blogging, or writing in an online journal. While my thoughts are fairly simple, I like to reminisce over some of my past experiences.
Considering I have passed the half century mark (and fully intend to make it to a century!), I think it would be great to meet different people and read about places I have yet to visit. I am a country girl who loves the simple life, but it is fun to hear about how the other half lives!

testing the waters . . .
"Bear" aka Richard here.

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Still battling agoraphobia 11 years later,
So I keep my "mutual friends" short on purpose.

If all you have to show me is a "Friends Only" banner . . .
If you hate lj cut with a passion . . .
I'm probably a poor choice as a Friend . . .

created my first website january 30,1999 . . .

Beary Bi-Polar.Com

Bear here.

There is Zero Tolerance For Spam in this community.

At the *very* least introduce yourself first and put
your announcement behind a cut.

Off-topic posts will be dealt with on a post by post basis.

People over 50 and our Fans don't choose to spend their time left on this planet going grrrr,GRRR . . .

So,intros anyone???



Welcome! Bear here. I'm the New Maintainer.
Who wants to get this party started?

Anybody want to be a mod or maintainer???

Will be updating the profile soon . . .


Richard "Bear"


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thought i'd type . . .

"Bear" aka Richard here.

Married since March 20,1986 . . .

Monogamous . . .

54 . . .

Bipolar Ultra-Rapid Cycling . . .

Often Mixed States . . .

created my first website january 30,1999 . . .

Beary Bi-Polar.Com

Over 50? Fan Of Peeps Over 50?
(Relatively) New Add Me Community:

A Place For People Over 50 and Our Fans To Meet and Become Friends.


looking . . .

Bear's Journal

Converted all but one entry back to December 1st,2009
from Friends Only to Public.

Looking for a few new friends with some common interests . . .

(no subject)
I'm well over 50 but this is closer than over 40. What does anyone want to know about me. Married 57 years, 4 great grandchildren so far, Just moved to MA near Plymouth and still getting settled. Enjoy meeting people of all ages. Open-minded. Active enough to go to gym three times a week. Love being online. Enjoy photography, especially since digital photography came into being.

Retired, of course. Have made some wonderful online friends over the years. Been online since 1997. Worked for General Dynamics (submarines) many years ago. Then worked in software and human factors for IBM for many years. Love being retired.

I'm apt to write about anything from "the good old days" to "what I did today" to "I'm feeling lousy". I am accepting of most any lifestyle, enjoy meeting a wide variety of people, used to have many world-wide friends on ICQ but that has pretty much faded.

Any questions?

Welcome to Add Me Over 50!
Bear here.

Welcome To Add Me Over 50, An "Add Me" Community For People Over 50 and Our Fans!


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