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memories4me wrote in addme_over50
How would your best friend have described you ten years ago? What about today?

Wow. One month from being 53, and I am a new mom again! My oldest son and his wife separated,she left him and their son to go home. Two months ago, my son came to visit me and decided to let his wife visit with the baby. She met him with three friends in a secluded place, and they jumped him, snatched the baby, and took off.
He was devastated, but as no custody orders were in place, there was nothing law enforcement could do....
Last week, Children's Services took the baby away from my daughter in law for neglect. He had two ear infections, and an upper respiratory infection. The baby is only 9 months old, and she had been taking him in and out of all kinds of places at all hours. She has no job, no car, and no stable home to live in.
I am overwhelmed. Children's Services will not just give him back to his father without finding the mother unfit first, and my son has not got the money to hire a lawyer to fight for custody.
This is the sweetest baby, and I would rather never see his face again, and have a family who would love and care for him adopt him, than let him go back to the lifestyle of his mother.
I am praying for the best, and loving my grandson with all my heart!


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