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OT Spread The Love!
sneaky_piecrust wrote in addme_over50

i'm exhausted after spending two and half/three hours
taking photos of the antique and classic american
cars and trucks several with their owners standing
up to the left of the front of their vehicle
and handed out my business cards
with the email addy,phone number,and url crossed out
and the correct info hand-written *very* neatly
on the back of my card.

Karen uploads my pics from the card and
gives them the wow! factor
with her magickal Digital Darkroom Artistry
Using Photo Shop.

And it's all seamless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Think we'll charge U.S. $100.00
for framed 8 x 10(inches) photos.

The car owners get put up on
Bear's Awesome Photos for free.

Think that I shot over 40 photos in the
last 24 hours . . .

some pics of my bear feet ! ! ! 8^)~~~

a shot of five turkeys on a manicured lawn
near the wetlands . . .

pics of several of our 10 kitties.

there was some live music at the car show:
a three piece band - two guitars and a drummer -
with three female dancers in fab 60's
purple glitter lycra body suits and
white go-go boots to die for -
sometimes dancing with hula hoops.

They are The Clams

The U.S. Army had a helicopter parked on an adjasent field.

I thought to bring scrap paper but forgot to
bring a pen!


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